by cwayman1

What am I reflecting on?

The design: An oscillating sheet of task board is marked with increasingly regularity by vertical extrusions. Does this effectively express a narrative of both flow & rythm? I could probably defend it, but I do not feel terribly strong in it. How can I modify this concept- improve it? Do I scrap the idea? Is it good enough?

My time: This is where I typically fall short–effective use of time. Time ‘management’ came around to bite me in the rear during the summer session and is something that needs a large amount of my attention.

My first full week of grad school: The work has yet to really pile up. Noted before, proper time management is going to be needed in the coming weeks/months. What I need to do is simply show up and ‘do the work’. Much easier said than done, I know, but forces me to make a move and establish a point of reference.

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