Final Project_01

by cwayman1

Project_01 was developed from the selection of a theme–a narrative– that was to influence the creation of form. Our models, in turn, acted as exposition cases that could hold (or rather, illustrate) our driving theme. To supplement our models, hard-line representations (plan & figure/ground, section & elevation, and 2-point perspective & axonometric) were used to showcase the variety of potential vantage-points of our idea.

As an experiment, I would ask that as you read the Project Statement, and prior to actually viewing the finished photos,  you develop a personal, mental form of the model and then compare/contrast that idea with the final presentation.


Project Statement:

Rhythm serves as the guiding narrative for this piece. The form

is initiated in the growing intensity of an oscillating topography,

followed by the numeric addition of the vertical plane. Further,

the incorporation of the horizontal plane provides an enhanced

degree of depth, increasing in both numerical and vertical

energy– a visual and architectural crescendo, reminiscent of

an orchestral arrangement.

Rhythm – n.

  • A harmonious sequence or pattern of masses alternating with voids, of light alternating with shade, etc..
  • Any sequence of regularly recurring functions of events.


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