by cwayman1

Within the context of the human body, we are looking to express meaning through form. How does form provide meaning? How can form generated by human anatomy engender meaning?

My series of motion: an individual throwing a baseball.

Why? I’m not quite sure. Or rather, I don’t think that my answer is ‘good enough’ to justify its choosing. So why? Because is showed the most fluid sequence of motion between my initial three sketches–throwing, the ‘running man’, and the ‘flying crane’ kick.

Maybe, and bear with me on this as I am only developing these thoughts as I write, my motion is not as specific as ‘throwing a baseball’, but just ‘throwing’?

Projecting an object toward a certain location?

Expressing the travel of an object along a specified course of direction?

An active, forceful motion that directs some[thing].

I think that’s it: I am working with the motion of throwing because it actively projects an object along a desired path of travel.

Next BIG question, of many to come I’m sure:

How does this concept influence my representation?

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