Final Project_02

by cwayman1

So it has been a week since our class presented our final boards for Project_02.

As mentioned in previous posts, my presentation revolved around the concept of Projection–of an object, of an image, of an idea– and how it related to my initial figure studies of human scale.

Brainstorming sessions developed words akin to projection– throw, launch, hurl, guide, direct. Each of these ideas carried with them the implication of purpose and intentionality, and I wanted to develop my presentation in a very thorough accordingly. I wanted every aspect of my project to speak to the larger concept of Projection and the scale of the human body.

The model (photos 1&2) is built 1:1 human scale, with the height representing my own forearm. Each cardboard massing is representative if the timing of an individual throwing (projecting) the object from my initial studies, and sequentially decreasing in number to that final point of projection. There are five supporting ribs (five fingers, five sequential moments in my initial figure study) that, when inserted, point both toward that final point of projection as well as inward toward the point of the arm’s rotation, the shoulder.

The presentation boards (photos 3&4) were developed to echo this concept in a similar fashion:

  •  Linear arrangement
  • Emphasis on a central
  • Guiding regulating line
  • Visual echo between the two boards

Projection can be defined as both

  1. The implementation of something that is contemplated, devised, or planned.
  2. The process or technique of reproducing a spatial object or a section of such an object upon a plane.

My aim was to express the former through the use of the latter.

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