by cwayman1

I think that me writing this particular post is somewhat interesting. Its purpose is to present the bulk of my process work from Project_02 and reflect on the fact that I really dropped the ball in reflecting throughout the process.

Project_02 is finished and I realized that I never made time to prepare any written relfection on my process. I know that in order to progress an idea or project I had to have reflected to some extent, but I really think that the lack of cognitive documentation slowed my progression in a significant way.

I often sat at my desk unsure of where to make the next move– unsure of where to start– and I have a hunch that had I used this medium to solidify and collect my thoughts I may have noticed a more clear direction. As was noted in my first post, time management continues to be a point of weakness for me– something to continue working at.

Regardless, below is the essential (by no means complete) collection of process sketches and study models developed for Project_02.

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