Reflection_Studio Culture

by cwayman1

Below is an adaptation, almost verbatum, of a previous blog post of mine from our UT-COAD Summer Session.  Please know, however, that our experience was equally as miserable as the following piece portrays it as enjoyable.

Concerning ‘Studio Culture’

Better yet, why not ‘Community’? ‘Culture’ almost seems too sterile to describe this progressive, organic formation of bonds. Regardless, concerning this conducive environment.

The majority of us do not hail from artistic backgrounds— mostly technical— yet it’s now ~3:30 AM of the fifth day of summer session and a slurry of drawing techniques, critical analyses, and constructive aid is flying across the room. Not six hours ago did I hear such phrases as

I thought they were gonna teach us how to hold a pencil?”


Man, no one would ever believe I’m in architecture studio if I showed them my sketches!

Progress is happening. Relationships are forming. A community is coming together.

This is why I decided to return for graduate work.