Final Project_03

by cwayman1

Below are my final presentation boards for Project_03. As noted in previous posts, my primary design goal was to achieve a degree of transparency that could communicate on several levels–in a very physical manner through the directing and prohibiting of very specific views throughout the site (main axes, gathering nodes, private reflection spaces, etc.) and in a more abstract interpretation through the programming of space specific to the site’s adjacent disciplines, making transparent both the site’s potential use and its greater campus context.

In an effort to emphasize this guiding theme of transparency, my boards were designed to stack one on top the other, printed on vellum so that as one flips through the boards the process from previous ideas can be faintly recognized.

As a note for the future, mylar would have made for better presentation as vellum is really not THAT transparent. As well, our presentations were conducted round-robbin style in each student was continually presenting his work as reviewers circulated throughout the room. Our studio was pretty evenly divided on preference of this versus individual presentations. I, however, found myself fairly indifferent to the method of presentation. The round-robbin style offers the potential for mid-critique Improvements as one receives continual feedback. For someone who really has his presentation polished, however, the individual presentation would serve as a more gratifying means of sharing his ideas and receiving feedback… and to impress.