For a while I have been following a number of blogs– personal friends, thoughts for living, design inspiration, etc.. Two pages that I have found most helpful, inspiring, and enviable are:

Larry Roibal — Fine Art+Illustrations – His blog, Drawing on Observations, is comprised of his daily sketches on newsprint while riding the subway to work each morning. They are loose, quick, and generally fascinating.

Eduardo Cortereal- The Smooth Blog to Travel Drawing – A professor at Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Cortereal’s blog consists of daily sketches from his travels across the world. Again, they are loose, energetic, and always a pleasure to see in my morning inbox.

In turn, this page is meant to record my progress in basic sketching. Similar to Roibal, I’ve found the practice of choosing a face from the local paper an enjoyable exercise, and the first few images speak to that. They are by no means great, but then again process never has to be.